It’s a coat. Burda round coat 10/2013 #102

It’s been ages since I last posted here, but I’m glad to be back in the land of the interwebs. After spending three months in a short term let, without proper internet connection, we have finally moved to the house we’ve been trying to buy since the end of August. It’ll be a work in progress for a while but at least, we won’t be going anywhere else anytime soon and I can finally unpack all my sewing madness into a new room, haha! This room however, may be converted into a nursery in a few months, as I’m having a baby and a growing belly at the moment. Don’t be scared, I’m not going to bore you with my maternity stuff, after all we are here for the sewing, which despite the inconvenience and lack of actual space in the previous flat, I haven’t stopped doing. You may see some non-garment related sewing  though but that’ll be it.


One of my very recent sewing endeavours has been my first ever coat. Burda 10/2013 is a pattern I had been stalking for a while and finally got round to making. The cocoon style is a bit unusual for me as I like my coats fitted rather than loose, but I wanted something you can wrap into and this coat is perfect for this purpose.


The fabric is 100% wool (yes sorry I haven’t been very ethical here, but it had to be something warm) from Truro Fabrics. I really liked this shop, which I discovered while looking around for wool, particularly because you can get samples before committing to an expensive fabric like wool. Of course, when I purchased it, I didn’t think of the stripes and got only 2.5metres, which was enough for making the coat but not for matching all the stripes. Front and back are ok though. I decided to use the stripe vertically for the lower pieces of the coat to avoid tmatching them and to give a different perspective to it.


As you can see there’s no pattern matching on the sides or the sleeves, but that’s something I can live with.


As far as the construction is concerned, once you decipher the pattern that not only comes with the typical almost non-existent  Burda instructions, but also with some extra pieces for a different coat, it’s pretty straightforward. I did make two muslins but it was worth it.DSC_0256

The thing that I found most buffling was the self-facing bands. I must have stalked every version of this coat on the internet trying to figure out how you put them together, but I got there in the end. Way of the Wool‘s was a great help and directed me also to Grainline‘s tutorial on bagging a jacket lining. I love this version here, which was equally helpful, despite it being in a language I don’t speak. Great colour too. The lining is also from Truro Fabrics.



I raised the pockets a bit as they were so low that my short hands couldn’t reach them and what’s the point of having warm pockets if they are too far away from you? I used the wool for them which made them a bit chunky but definitely warm. I also purchased some fake fur for the lower pieces but decided against it, as I feared it would make the coat too gimmicky. I really like it as it is. The pattern asks for four fasteners, but I used six giant ones. Anything to keep the cold outside.

That was it from, I will be back sooner rather than later, with some other things I’ve sewn in the last couple of months. Until then, have a great week.


Posing like a professional model.

About delightfullypeculiar

I'm Vasi, Greek living in the U.K. I wouldn't call this blog my sewing journey but an attempt to make and do the things that make me happy, sewing being one of them.
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13 Responses to It’s a coat. Burda round coat 10/2013 #102

  1. Thimberlina says:

    Congratulations!! That’s fab news! And your coat’s great too!! Hope you’re settling in your new home, it sounds all very exciting!! Welcome back!! I love Truro fabric too, when I went to Cornwall last year and the year before I went to shop in real life and went a bit crazy!! 🙂

  2. Lovely news 🙂 And actually like the stripes running the other way on the bottom piece, looks perfect for the recent, bonkers weather.

  3. zibergirl says:

    Lovely coat! I love the colar and the stripes! I subscribe to Burda, but have never tried a pattern. You have encouraged me!

    • Thank you. This is probably my first Burda pattern that turned ok, I usually end up with something either too big or too small. I do love their patterns but can’t stand tracing from the magazine, hence the PDF.

  4. almostahippy says:

    Congrats on the baby, house and the coat!

  5. Congratulations on the upcoming baby and finally getting your house!! How exciting!

    Your coat looks soooooooo toasty warm, and I love the fabric you chose. A coat is on my list of things to make very soon, but who knows if I will get to it before winter ends, haha! =P

    • Thank you! When I started making this coat, I thought it would be Christmas before I finished it, but it did’t take that long, so I’d say you have time, plus winters seem to come and stay, haha!

      • Oof, I know what you mean–we got the dreaded Polar Vortex 2 years in a row, and it felt like Spring would never come! Perhaps I can force myself to tackle a coat next, once I finish with xmas sewing and my current awful project for myself. =)

  6. You look lovely in your professional poses! Your coat looks very warm too. Congratulations on the baby! Now you can sew tiny clothes… So fun! 😄

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