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Fashion Abroad: Paris

I’m a big fun of fashion, naturally, but I especially love it when it is bad. You’ll see me running with my phone or camera behind anything I find hilariously bad. As part of my job, I travel to certain … Continue reading

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Hello Oscar: Oscar de la Renta inspired dress

A little bit after I discovered Ping’s blog and her wonderful creations, she started the Copycat Challenge. The mention of the word challenge makes me go cuckoo and a little tickling feeling at the tips of my fingers makes them … Continue reading

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The fabric book

I love books, which is why I work in publishing. Mostly though, I like combining that love with sewing, my other favourite thing. I’ve always wanted to get my hands on making a fabric book and since one my friends … Continue reading

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Transmongolian and Beyond: First stop Moscow

First stop on our Transmongolian Railway trip was Moscow, as this was were the train, was going to start its loooong journey in the depths of Russia and Siberia before it arrived in Beijing (but more on the actual train … Continue reading

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