The Drapey Knit Dress The Great British Sewing Bee:

I first saw the drapey knit dress at Karen’s blog, reviewing Fashion with Fabric. To my eyes it was amazing, especially since it was in stripey fabric, but possibly not very flattering for my body type. I forgot about it, until I saw a similar version on Gaby’s blog and thought it was an unusual dress, in the sense that it had a unique design, but definitely not for my body type. I forgot about it again.


Then it was advertised as one of the free downloads in Love Sewing magazine issue 12. With no recollection of having seen it before and the doubts I had, I downloaded it At that point it only reminded me of a dress with big pockets and nice drape that a colleague of mine was wearing. Subconsciously, I must have had in mind Karen’s version, because I went for stripes too. Once I finished it though, my doubts paid me a visited. My pockets were very wide, a bit like scclown’s trousers. You get the picture.


I didn’t hate it, but wasn’t sure whether it was cool, weird or simply ridiculous. A simple search for a pocketed version, brought me to Ali’s blog, who had found the dress completely unflattering. I was amazed once more with how differently the same garment was perceived in the comments, which at that point made me think that this was a weird dress and had wasted my fabric on something that would never get worn. However, since I was so late in the day with my research, I decided to try and fix the pockets at least, because despite the doubts and the comments, I still didn’t hate it.

Drapey Knit Dress Sewing Bee

And after the clown’s trousers were eliminated, I loved it. It’s very unique and comfortable. The black ponte on the front was accidental, as I run out of my main fabric with the stripes. The dress features kimono sleeves and ease to infinity and beyond. I cut the XS size and I had to take it in, so as not to look completely swallowed by the dress.

Drapey Knit Dress Sewing bee

The front pleat is a nice touch but almost like everyone else, it doesn’t seem to be as obedient as on the model in the picture, but I can live with it.

Drapey Knit Dress Sewing bee

And then you turn round and surprise it’s a different dress, haha!

Drapey Knit Dress Sewing beee

The back of the dress comes as one piece in the pattern but my limited fabric meant, I had to improvise. There was no room for matching or even making the stripes coherent, but I really like the result.

The Drapey Knit Dress Sewing beeOverall, I find the dress stylish, unique and only the right amount of weird 🙂  Have you made this dress? Would you make it and how would you describe it?

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I'm Vasi, Greek living in the U.K. I wouldn't call this blog my sewing journey but an attempt to make and do the things that make me happy, sewing being one of them.
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24 Responses to The Drapey Knit Dress The Great British Sewing Bee:

  1. Beth says:

    Honestly I hated the look of this dress. I thought it resembled a sack and is unflattering. But yours has made me think differently! I love the look you’ve achieved with the different fabrics. The black panel at the front is genius (even if not planned!) as it steers the dress away from the unflattering sack look. The back is… Mind blowing!! I am more inclined to make one now but in more than one fabric 🙂

    • I think the black and the fact that the front isn’t so busy with prints helps a lot plus as I said I’ve taken it in quite a bit! The bakes reminds me a bit of rug but I like the mismatched look! I’d love to see what kind of fabric combinations you will come up with! It’s a very comfy dress!

  2. I’d completely dismissed this dress, but you’re actually making it work 🙂 your choice of fabrics work really well with the design. I’m guessing you also need a certain amount of confidence to ‘own’ this dress. You’re carrying it off really well 🙂

  3. He he, this dress is so fun. Hope you enjoy wearing it, its not at all clown trouser now!

  4. Thimberlina says:

    This I’d definitely the best one I’ve seen so far! Great Job! The black piece makes the front and the back is a proper surprise! Love the shoes with it too! 😃

  5. idaaidasewing says:

    Well, I defenetely like your version more than what the model is wearing, and I think too that the black fabric you used is making all the difference.

  6. qplourde says:

    Seeing the dress on the model – I would never have attempted this. Even the look on her face says “You are seriously have me wear this?” But your dress looks pretty cool! You made it look really interesting with the stripes and black front. Definitely quirky, but it works! :o)

    • Thank you! To be honest when I saw the model, I thought she looked like a rugby player wearing shoulder pads. My fashion design teacher, always told me off when I drew (i was very bad at it) because of the shoulders being square, “do real people have shoulders like that?” he would say, well the model is very close to that version, but I agree she looks a bit frozen in the pic, “can i take it off now?” 🙂

  7. I absolutely LOVE this dress!! An avante garde beauty!! xxxx

  8. cristina says:

    Darling, thank you for following back, although my blog is currently missattended. I love your makes and how you mix and match patterns with fabrics, such a great inspiration!!! Madrid is currently at its best weather, come visit!!! 🙂

    • Thank you, I don’t blog very often either, full time employment and the absence of a sponsor prevents me from indulging into my hobby! I bet Madrid is beautiful now. I’ve been plenty of times both for work and pleasure! xx

  9. sassyt says:

    Would you mind me sharing this on SSB in the future? I credit, link to your post and let you know when featured.

  10. Sassy T says:

    To be featured on SSB, tomorrow. Thanks for permitting.

  11. megsewing says:

    I love the surprise fabric at the back!!! I really love this dress and I love how you accessorised and styled it. I think this dress could look nice on everyone but you do have to style it up to make it less loungy.
    I think I’m playing it really safe with my version and am going with the same kinda stripes as Karen from Did You Make That and as much as I love pockets I’m not adding them, I’m afraid of all that bulk so close to my stomach haha and I will probably wear this dress with a belt.

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