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I saw it in a film: Fashion inspired by films and TV shows

A couple of days ago I discovered Maison Bentley Style and couldn’t help but loving the amazing visual content and the fashion posts. What caught my attention was this post about winter garments and how influenced they seem to be … Continue reading

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Where do I start?

Some years ago, when I used to live in London, I took a fashion design short course at Morley College. The objective of that course was to learn how to create a portfolio based on an idea which was the … Continue reading

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Who am I? That’s a secret, I’m happy to tell

If any of you has read my About page and some of my previous posts, you will already know, how much I enjoy a good challenge. And no better way to start the new year, with one. The Daily Post … Continue reading

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The Beginning

The beginning, this delightfully magic moment in time when everything starts. Do we really know when and where things begin? Can we be sure of the exact moment in time, each and every of our stories began? How can we be … Continue reading

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