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Bouclé makes me smile

Bouclé is a fabric that I have somehow associated with my childhood. I vaguely remember a green bouclé coat I had and how the name of the fabric had made me smile, when I had asked my mum what it … Continue reading

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The fabric book

I love books, which is why I work in publishing. Mostly though, I like combining that love with sewing, my other favourite thing. I’ve always wanted to get my hands on making a fabric book and since one my friends … Continue reading

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Undone sewing disaster #1

I know I said, I would probably not post anything this week as I am on holidays. While waiting in the shower queue though, I thought I’d take advantage of the wait. So I managed to fix the last of … Continue reading

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Sewing disasters

I used to be good at sewing, patient as well, but it’s been a couple of weeks now that I don’t seem to be getting anything right. So while the members of the sewing community show off their amazing creations, … Continue reading

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