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Who am I? That’s a secret, I’m happy to tell

If any of you has read my About page and some of my previous posts, you will already know, how much I enjoy a good challenge. And no better way to start the new year, with one. The Daily Post … Continue reading

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Tiny pieces of history

When I was young, I used to like shiny things, vivid colours and fancy toys. I don’t remember having ever worn second-hand clothes or playing with toys, which once belonged to other children. There was a clear preference for anything … Continue reading

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For the Art of Books

Reading is one of my favourite activities, especially when outdoors. Yes, I take my books everywhere, in the mountains, at the beach, sometimes even in the sea, I travel with them and they travel with me. (I am flying to … Continue reading

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The Beginning

The beginning, this delightfully magic moment in time when everything starts. Do we really know when and where things begin? Can we be sure of the exact moment in time, each and every of our stories began? How can we be … Continue reading

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