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Who am I? That’s a secret, I’m happy to tell

If any of you has read my About page and some of my previous posts, you will already know, how much I enjoy a good challenge. And no better way to start the new year, with one. The Daily Post … Continue reading

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I done a book

I’m ashamed, I disappeared again and left my blog unattended for so long, but there was very good reason for it. 😦 I’m not good at bragging and it annoys me beyond comprehension, when it’s done by people to the … Continue reading

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Written on the Wall – Crisis in Greece

There is a Greek song that talks about a street that had its own story, someone had written it with paint on the wall. Walking around some of the major towns in Greece, it doesn’t take long to realise that … Continue reading

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Tiny pieces of history

When I was young, I used to like shiny things, vivid colours and fancy toys. I don’t remember having ever worn second-hand clothes or playing with toys, which once belonged to other children. There was a clear preference for anything … Continue reading

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Mentos & Chocolate Wraps

  Mentos and chocolate are not just for eating. For me they are my travelling companion, the things that make me calm down and fight stressful periods and sometimes they are the base of my artistic or craftistic endeavours. Sometime … Continue reading

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Staying Awake and Failing to Divorce Morpheus Or Meaningless Acts of Daily Routine

According to Greek Mythology Morpheus is the son of Hypnos, the God of Sleep, meant to bring dreams to people who are enchanted by his father. An imaginary creation of the ancient Greeks in an attempt to explain the workings … Continue reading

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The Making of the British Summer

July has finally arrived to the UK too, only in terms of the month though and hardly with any of the goodies it usually carries when it visits other countries, ie sunny days, warm evenings and sitting outside. To survive … Continue reading

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Greece 2012

I came home tonight with the intention to post something funny and amusing about my recent trip to St.  Petersburg, as I have been writing it since my return ( I’m still very slow). However, after watching the BBC footage … Continue reading

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