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A Handmade Birthday

As a child, I always remember having had a birthday party. When I was very young it was mostly family, but we were so many children in the family and then it was friends from school, the neighbourhood and my … Continue reading

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Secret Swap #2

Hope everyone is having a good weekend. Mine got especially exciting on my way back home from a meeting at fabric land. Having spoken to the boyfriend, I knew nothing exciting had come through the post,(waiting for some fabric for … Continue reading

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Secret Swap

Had a busy last week, because I got a new job, woo hooo, so that rocketed my excitement, leaving me incapable of making anything, as all I thought was of the future. This was not the only reason though. Oh … Continue reading

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Fall Essentials Sew Along 2013: Butterick/Mccall B4386

In my line of work except for travelling to lovely places, you also get (well, I wouldn’t consider this much luck) to book fairs. One of them being the Frankfurt Bookfair. You will naturally wonder what this has to do … Continue reading

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Hello Oscar: Oscar de la Renta inspired dress

A little bit after I discovered Ping’s blog and her wonderful creations, she started the Copycat Challenge. The mention of the word challenge makes me go cuckoo and a little tickling feeling at the tips of my fingers makes them … Continue reading

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The fabric book

I love books, which is why I work in publishing. Mostly though, I like combining that love with sewing, my other favourite thing. I’ve always wanted to get my hands on making a fabric book and since one my friends … Continue reading

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The very old yellow t-shirt

I haven’t really spent time in remaking the disasters of my previous post, mainly because I didn’t have the right material, but also because in the meantime, I had to move flats and fully install myself  at my boyfriend’s, where … Continue reading

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Undone sewing disaster #1

I know I said, I would probably not post anything this week as I am on holidays. While waiting in the shower queue though, I thought I’d take advantage of the wait. So I managed to fix the last of … Continue reading

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Sewing disasters

I used to be good at sewing, patient as well, but it’s been a couple of weeks now that I don’t seem to be getting anything right. So while the members of the sewing community show off their amazing creations, … Continue reading

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Mentos & Chocolate Wraps

  Mentos and chocolate are not just for eating. For me they are my travelling companion, the things that make me calm down and fight stressful periods and sometimes they are the base of my artistic or craftistic endeavours. Sometime … Continue reading

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