Refashion #2 The Luna Jacket Papercut Patterns

So this is my second refashion in my refashion posts. The Luna Jacket by Papercut Patterns. I can’t remember when I actually bought this pattern but it was during one of the Papercut sales, where I acquired a few more that I have been coveting for a while. My intention for it was to use it for refashioning purposes and specifically for a quilted version. At this point I will interrupt this post, because I can’t have quilted and Luna jacket in the same sentence and not mention the most gorgeous interpretation of it by @fivespicepower

While I was contemplating the quilted version and making other things, I came across my partner’s cotton robe that for years we have been dragging from one house to the other and from one peg to the other. I don’t really know why we never got rid of it. It was big enough I thought to accommodate a muslin for the Luna Jacket. As per my bad habit I didn’t take a picture of the robe before chopping it, but it was this style dressing gown in a grey colour.

Here is what it looked liked after I had the pattern pieces cut and sewn together. The pockets are the original ones which I had left at the same size at this stage. As you can see the fabric isn’t in the best condition but I still hoped it would look great as a finished garment. Well, I was wrong. Every time I looked at it, I could see the original dressing gown. That perception was also not helped by the fact that during one of my usual Skype sessions with my parents my mum spotted it on the mannequin and asked me if I was making a robe.

In an attempt to shake off the robe impression, I decided to dye it. I can’t remember if used emerald green, or forest green dylon dye but the result was not what I had imagined. I also thought the fabric looked even worse.

Out came the fabric paint and the brushes.I really liked the light purple gold combination of these random shapes but didn’t have a lot of this colour, so I continued with a lighter shade and some gold. At this point, I decided I wasn’t going to wear it because it looked a bit of a mess and started playing on it with some fabric markers. Luckily, I only experimented on the pockets, which I later removed completely. I was again not achieving what I had in my mind.

It looks like I wasn’t ready to give up but also saw this more as an experimentation and a time to play with various embellishing techniques. I ordered some neon green thread and machine stitched to death the whole thing. There was absolutely no plan as to the direction of it or the consistency, I just went for it starting first on one side with the diagonal lines but then decided to try some vertical lines on the other side. I think I prefer the vertical ones better.

I even created a pocket outline which is now kind of confusing as I keep trying to put my hands in there. I didn’t put the pockets back on because I decided I didn’t really like them, although they would have definitely been handy. I also added some bias binding at the front and back which I think changed the whole garment completely.

Now for the pattern, it is very straightforward, I think the instructions are clear and the end result is great. I love the wide sleeves and the general relaxed feel of the garment. I cut a size 2, I could possible go smaller too for a shorter closer fitted result but I love it as it is.

There are two belts on the inside and two on the outside front and two on the sides, you can wear it crossed or simply tied at the front or loose.

There is plenty of ease and room for potential layering and it’s an excellent outwear contender for spring and beyond.

I am aware that my embellishments and the refashion isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but I absolutely love how this turned out, there is something of a workwear and painter’s jacket to it, which sits very fine with me. I admit I hold on to some RTW garments I no longer wear, because I see potential for something else in there. This robe wasn’t in a condition to be donated and used by someone else, so it would have ended up in the bin. I’m glad I saved it and turned it into something else. I also see refashioning as another form of creativity and sometimes the creation of a completely new textile and material.

I think it will look great with jeans and shorts later on for the the days in the park and I know it will be great for the late evening at the beach, if I get to one this year. It’s clear from these pictures that I’m dreaming of different climates, haha. It took me a couple of months to finish this but the pattern itself comes together really quickly. I have plans for a properly quilted version and a coat hack.

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I'm Vasi, Greek living in the U.K. I wouldn't call this blog my sewing journey but an attempt to make and do the things that make me happy, sewing being one of them.
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4 Responses to Refashion #2 The Luna Jacket Papercut Patterns

  1. Helen says:

    Dont think I’ve seen painted on pockets before

  2. Thimberlina says:

    This looks fab! Definitely better after you’ve embellished it with the paint. And I LOVE your hair!😍

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