Simplicity 8526

Simplicity 8526 is my most sewn pattern. It consists trousers, top, top with hoodie and a hat. It’s one of my favourite patterns because it is so versatile and you can use it both for outwear as well as pyjamas. I bought it initially to make a halloween costume for my son, a couple of years ago. He wanted to get dressed as Gekko from PJ Masks, so while looking for leggings and hoodies, I came across it. When it comes to costumes for children I’m all for two pieces garments rather than onesies as they are more convenient for toilet at this age. I was drawn to it because of the hoodie with the spikes, that resembled so much that of Gekko’s.

I messed up the hood element on my first attempt but they boy was immensely happy with his costume, so I didn’t beat myself too much for it.

Since then I’ve sewn the top version quite a few times. As a t-shirt twice with some wonderful fabric from Material Girl Laura.

The construction is really easy and the raglan sleeves take out the stress of setting in sleeves, which for me is one of my least favourite tasks. It is one of these patterns that you only need to make once and then you don’t need to look at the instructions again. My son has just turned 5 and the last three I have made him are size 6 and they fit fine. The only thing I don’t like about this and unfortunately didn’t remember last time I sewed it, is that the neckline is quite wide and at least in my case I should use the smaller size there and grade it to the larger one for the rest of the top.

I recently sewed some more tops of this wonderful pattern, this time with gorgeous See you at Six fabric purchased from Lamazi Fabrics Aren’t these Tubas just awesome? I love these designs so much.

The second see you at six fabric was leftover from a top that I made with the same fabric. It required a little bit of creative cutting. There wasn’t enough to cut the back piece as one so it’s made out of two and the same goes for one of the sleeves too.

This last top was one of my latest refashions of one of his dad’s t-shirts. Half of it was full of holes but since it was XXL it left us with enough fabric for a mini version of it. I was really happy we could retain the full packman design at the front. I used some fabric paint to retouch the the ghosts and packman itself as they had faded out. This photo is a good example of what I meant earlier about the wide neckline.

Overall it is a great pattern to have if you are making clothes for your children, it goes up to size 8 so I’m sure I have a few more tops to try there. Maybe even some trousers too. Very beginner friendly.

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I'm Vasi, Greek living in the U.K. I wouldn't call this blog my sewing journey but an attempt to make and do the things that make me happy, sewing being one of them.
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