Refashion post #1 Marlo Sweater True Bias

This year and without any particular plan or intention in mind, I started refashioning some of the old clothes I’ve been hoarding. Mostly RTW that I somehow didn’t want to part with but also some handmade items, which didn’t work and have been hardly worn. I can be quite ruthless with my handmade items, if I see that I don’t wear them and the fabric is in a re-usable condition. My plan is over the following months to post about these recycled garments in a Refashion Posts series.

First up is the Marlo Sweater by True Bias I bought the pattern soon after it was released and having seen a few beautiful iterations of it, I was convinced it would be the perfect pattern to reuse this dark blue ponte roma, which was once a handmade tunic dress. Unfortunately, I don’t have a photo of the actual dress. I made it about 6 years ago. It ended up a couple of sizes too big and I recall having worn it once, while I was pregnant and even then I hated it. As it consisted of fairly large pieces of fabric, I kept it with the intent to use the fabric to make a hoodie or a similar garment. The colour is quite dark so it hides very well, the seams of the darts and where two pieces of fabric were connected.

I cut a size 6 and made no alterations but in retrospect, I think I’d prefer a size smaller at least for the top part of the bodice. The fabric from the handmade dress couldn’t accommodate the whole pattern, so another piece of garment came to the rescue. The light blue and significantly lighter weight jersey came from an RTW dress that had already been chopped but there was still enough fabric for a pair of half sleeves and the cuffs.

On the back you can see the jigsaw assembly and the nice I believe contrast the darker colour creates with the lighter shades. Unfortunately, neither of my existing fabrics were long enough to accommodate the waistband and neckband, so I purchased 1 metre of inexpensive ponte roma to finish it. The buttons on the front were from a stash of buttons, someone who didn’t want them passed on to me. These photos were taken in February on a sunny day, where the temperature had gone up a bit and I was hopeful spring was coming and soon I’d be wearing this without a jacket on top.

Still thinking that the weather was getting warmer, I decided to cut another colour blocked Marlo out of two woollen jumpers and some mystery fabric, I brought from China about 7 years ago and was sitting washed and ready to turn into something at the bottom of one of my stash boxes (I don’t have a big stash). The great British weather of course didn’t disappoint and gave me lots of opportunities to wear it again and again.

The purple front comes from a jumper that was given to my dad as a present many years ago. He wouldn’t be caught dead wearing this colour. My mum packed it in my suitcase on my way back to the UK to offer it to my partner, who had the same reaction to the colour and style of the top as my dad. It is really soft and of great quality. It’s been refashioned once to a top for myself. I did such a bad job of it that I never wore it but kept it for further refashioning or fixing (although it was beyond that point) This is the same size 6 Marlo but as the fabrics are much more fluid it ended up quite oversized, which isn’t necessarily bad but I would have definitely preferred it to be slightly smaller. I didn’t want to lose any of the length of the purple fabric, so I used the waistband on the shoulders as a design feature. The light brown neck and waist band is from another jumper that I bought for maternity wear and hated as it was way too big and not great style. I ended up wearing it in the house and after I lost the pregnancy weight I shoved it in the back of the wardrobe until now.

For the sleeves I used the same approach as for the blue Marlo. Sometimes I look at the purple-yellow combo and all I can see is Los Angeles Lakers basketball team, haha!

The back of the top is constructed with the mystery yellow fabric, which is really fluffy and cosy. The buttons on the front are from the same stash as the ones on the blue Marlo.

The pattern itself is great, the instructions are super clear and detailed, there are two versions for finishing the neckline, I used the quick & dirty one for both of these but I’m planning to try the advanced one for the subsequent ones, in smaller size and a bit fancier fabrics. Both will have a refashion element. It is also great for beginners and once you’ve done the first one, you can do more with your eyes closed. For the record the purple/yellow sweater photos were taken today in April. I was wearing a jacket on top.

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I'm Vasi, Greek living in the U.K. I wouldn't call this blog my sewing journey but an attempt to make and do the things that make me happy, sewing being one of them.
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