Pietra Pants Closet Case Patterns


When I took the photos for my newly made Pietra Pants, I had finally dyed my hair after eight weeks. It seemed my dye had been out of stock everywhere I looked.  Putting on some proper clothes and some make up, definitely made me feel more human, than what I had in the past few weeks of the lockdown. Going around for hours to find a nice spot for the photography was off limits, but because of all the above occurrences I wanted to still have a bit of a creative setting, which was achieved by bringing some of the inside outside. The gloomy weather of the day created some added drama.


I tried to make the Pietra Pants during the great module sew along challenge, see previous post, more with a refashioning approach, than starting from scratch and it ended up in a disaster. Due to the amount of fabric I had in my hands, I could only make version B, the slim and tampered leg one. This has never been a flattering shape for my body, due to the ration between my waist and my hips size. I have a couple of RTW ones which are a good fit but in general I avoid them. According to the size chart in the instructions I am a size 4 waist and size 6 hips. However, I know that Closet Case Patterns have a lot of ease, I made one Cielo dress and it was huge, so now I always go one size smaller than the one on the size chart. These trousers were no exception. I started this pair with a size 2 waist grading to size 4 for the hips. Unfortunately the trousers were still quite baggy everywhere so I went to size 0 for the waist and 2 for the hips, which was a big mistake, as I ended up with really tight hips and still not a tight waist. I did a few other mistakes, like interfacing the whole pocket rather than the top part only, and not inserting the front facing correctly. I still feel though that the fabric combo is great, so I am determined to at least make winter Pietra shorts with it.


The failed Pietra Pants though, was a great exercise that helped me create the much nicer pair above. Admittedly this is view A the wide leg version, which is my favourite and the reason I bought this pattern. Here I went for the 0 waist again and the size 2 hips and I think it’s worked fine. You can see how small my waist is compared to my hips. The fabric is a cotton linen blend from Minerva Crafts in the most gorgeous rust colour.


I followed the excellent tutorial at Closet Case Patterns site on how to insert an invisible zipper in order to accommodate for the small waist-big hips ratio. TheThe photography shows step by step how to insert the zipper and the sew the elastic band at at the back. Great also for when you are sewing the trousers with sturdier fabrics. I didn’t have a zipper in the same colour as the trousers so I used a white one, but I think I have done a good job with the invisible sewing that it’s hardly noticeable. I love the shape of the pockets which are perfect to put my phone and keys in when I pop to the corner shop. I also like how the split leg creates this nice stripe at the front.


I think the back looks ok too, not sure I have gathered the elastic as evenly as I was meant to, but it’s good enough for me at this stage. I feel due to the fact that the fabric is quite soft and as it happens with this stock of linen and linen blends, they seem to become a bit looser as you wear them, or maybe I wear them too much, I could probably take it in a little bit more, definitely between the waist and hips, but overall I am quite happy with them. I would like to try them in a heavier stock fabric. I feel there is a few more of them in my sewing days, probably in the same way I keep sewing Cielo Tops.


The top is another Cielo top, which I sewed for our Christmas day dress up. It’s a beautiful Japanese inspired cotton that I bought on eBay. The mask is made out of the leftover fabric and it is the free pattern (with optional donation, which I took) from Trend Patterns

Photography @juniperific


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I'm Vasi, Greek living in the U.K. I wouldn't call this blog my sewing journey but an attempt to make and do the things that make me happy, sewing being one of them.
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  1. Looks great! Quite the matching outfit, with the lovely hair and mask too! 😁👍

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