The Great Module SewAlong Challenge

I started reading The Curated Closet some time ago and although I didn’t finish it, it got me thinking as to what clothes I like wearing most but also what kind of clothes my wardrobe is missing. I love the idea of a capsule wardrobe but at the same time I like variety and a combo of serious and playful outfits. Sometimes, yes, my clothes and the way I choose to wear them are a little bit out there, which is, I would say is an accurate description of myself as well, but this is how I roll, haha!

My reasoning behind participating in The Great Module SewAlong isn’t exactly to create a capsule collection, it is more a way to force myself to create clothes that I need, they fit with what I already have and they come from the resources already existing in my stash, although I admit, I managed to sneak in another piece of fabric from the Cloth House. I blame my workplace that’s so close to it. I’m also not creating for a particular season, it’s a mix of garments and fabrics so some will work with the winter clothes, others with the spring ones.

In the process of mixing and matching my existing garments, I have discovered that I love my clothes more, now the majority of them is hanging in the wardrobe rather than them being inside drawers. I feel I can actually see them.

So here are the details for the challenge. Sew  3 tops, 2 bottoms and a topper till March 24th. The time will be the real challenge but I think it’s achievable with what I have in mind.

For the three toppers I have chosen the below:

Turtleneck Monroe, a free pattern by Tessuti, in a combo of two brown jerseys, neither of which is enough for a whole top. I have been holding on to the sequined one for at least seven years. The other one is a remnant from some leggings I made for my son, when he was very little. This top is actually finished and has been worn since then.


Next is the new pattern by Secondo Piano, the Dolce top, also in the turtleneck version but this time in a lighter brighter yellow.  I have just put the PDF together and will soon be cutting the fabric.


The last top is a bit tricky as it’s based on an inspiration image that appeared on my IG feed. I just fell in love with all the stripes.

I’m going to use three different stripey fabrics and perhaps one more for some fun details. As for the pattern, I have an old Salme Patterns shirt pattern that I made in two muslins, none of which was wearable, but always liked the style and the mandarin collar. As for the sleeves, I think I will use those from a vintage dress pattern and maybe expand them a bit more. I haven’t made any final decisions on that front.


One of the two bottoms is the Axis Skirt by Papercut patterns, which I bought recently wanting to make the dress initially but I like the pencil skirt version as it is a bit different to the classic one. I have already made a version of it, which is, how do I put it, a bit too small. I forgot to grade between sizes and as my hips are two sizes bigger than my waist, you can appreciate I suppose, why it didn’t work. The fabric is another stripe version, although it creates a much more playful visual effect than on the sample below.


For my second bottom, I decided to finally fix this pair of trousers I made when I was about 4 months pregnant and is a but too big now. I’m not loving the style a lot but this is also the only fabric I have, so I can’t create a different design. I do like the fabric though.


Finally, I’m anticipating that I will have run out of time by the time we get to the topper section, so instead of making one from scratch, I will try and fix this Belatrix Blazer (Papercut fan), which I love, but don’t wear due to the fact that I’m not happy with the sewing on it and also because the lining has ripped. Of course, unpicking and sewing again something is almost as time consuming as making one from scratch but at least I will not have to cut the pieces again, or at least not all of them.


I’m hoping to be able to make all of these items and present you not only with the finished garments but also with how I have incorporated them in my existing wardrobe.

About delightfullypeculiar

I'm Vasi, Greek living in the U.K. I wouldn't call this blog my sewing journey but an attempt to make and do the things that make me happy, sewing being one of them.
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2 Responses to The Great Module SewAlong Challenge

  1. Anne W says:

    LOVE the striped blouse!! I think you’re onto a winner there by going back to projects that you know you can fix up!

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