10h00 Tunique Deuxième arrondissement

I wish I had discovered Deuxieme Arrondissement  much earlier in my pregnancy. They are a French company producing sewing patterns for trendy pregnant women. They have 10 lovely styles on their site that are very fashionable and had I not been that late in my pregnancy I would have loved to make all of them. I have chosen one though, which is the 10h00 Tunique


The pattern comes in two versions, long and short. I went for the short one. I liked the shirt style of it with a more relaxed flowy shape to accommodate for the bump. This particular version is half refashion, half new. The khaki part is one of my fiancé’s old shirts that no longer fit. I salvaged this from a bag meant for charity, as I liked the colour.


However, as it wasn’t one of the really large ones, there wasn’t enough fabric for the whole project, so searching for a suitable fabric to pair it with, I came across this lovely moss quilting cotton from The Village Haberdashery . Great opportunity to experiment with my favourite colour blocking.


I kept the original pockets of the shirt on both sides as well as the button holes panel (hurrah no need to make any buttonholes) but did some fabric buttons in the moss colour for coherence. The collar ended up much better than any others I have made.


For the back I used the back of the original shirt, but cut it to my size.

So much I liked this pattern that I made a second version this weekend.


This time it was a complete refashion of a shirt, bigger in size, so more fabric and  one of my old jumpers which I was saving for something like this. And my belly, hasn’t grown bigger between the two versions, which were photographed on the same day but there was a little bit of breeze playing games with it.


The front and sleeves are part of the shirt and have kept again the button holes. I replaced the original buttons with these fuchsia mother of pearl buttons from my stash. The collar was made out of the jumper. Because of lack of interfacing and the fabric being much softer it stands upright, creating a nice collar effect. Check out my Little Prince earrings, hehe!


Again I used the sleeve cuffs from the original jumper on this version.


The back of the shirt is my favourite part, as I wanted something like this for ages. I have kept again the original buttonholes, which I think combined with the jumper fabric create a nice style.DSC_0433

And since my new sewing machine comes with decorative stitches, I saw this as a perfect opportunity to try them on the hem. I was quite pleased with the outcome.

I cut the medium size for both versions and made no adjustments, perhaps I need to make a couple but at this stage the minor imperfections don’t seem worth dealing with. Pregnancy has made me a bit lazy. The instructions were adequate but all in French. I don’t think you need to speak the language though to figure out what’s going on. I highly recommend the patterns to any pregnant ladies out there. I will definitely be wearing this even after birth, as a relaxed spring tunic.

Have you made any pleasant sewing discoveries lately?

About delightfullypeculiar

I'm Vasi, Greek living in the U.K. I wouldn't call this blog my sewing journey but an attempt to make and do the things that make me happy, sewing being one of them.
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10 Responses to 10h00 Tunique Deuxième arrondissement

  1. Anne W says:

    That’s a really cute pattern, and I love the blue version with stripe back. Congratulations, you look really well!

  2. Thimberlina says:

    Aw, you’re blooming! I bet everyone’s telling you! And your new tops look really cool, you’re gonna be one trendy mummy when the babe comes along! 😃

  3. You definitely have changed! You look lovely! That’s a perfect top. I wish they had cool tops like that when I was pregnant.

  4. Lesley King says:

    Curses! Why didn’t you post this month’s ago! I’m due on Monday and hadn’t found these lovely patterns otherwise I’d have been happily sewing for months.

    P.sP.s you look fabulous!

    • Hahah, I know, I was thinking the same thing, why did I discover this now? I have only 3.5 weeks to go, so I won’t be able to sew anything else either. Thank you and good luck with the new arrival. 🙂

  5. Andie W. says:

    These look great. I love the mixing of fabrics. 🙂

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