January hibernation

I don’t know what it is about January and whether it happens to other people too, but for me the month is synonym to hibernation. Is it the darkness, the cold, the realisation that the next natural holiday isn’t until Easter, the fact that the month is endless and pay day so far away? January as the beginning of the new year fills me with optimism and a need to get going with new projects on the one hand, but on the other hand the motivation to fulfil them is just not there. All I want to do is sleep, haha! I did start a few things this month, sadly none of which is finished.


What I really wanted to show you today was this Burda jacket, which I had hoped to have finished by now, but halfway through sewing this, I managed to sew my finger on the garment. Not literally on the garment, but the needle went through it, so I ended up with this. I wasn’t very keen on using my sewing machine after the accident.


However, I haven’t come empty handed.


I’ve always wanted to make a mobile but it was one of those things I never got round to doing it. The baby though is a good excuse for projects like this. I love hot air balloons.


The hot air balloons and the clouds are made from felt leftovers, from my more crafty days. It’s based on this tutorial that I found on Pinterest. As you can see the tutorial uses a more professional approach to mine, where the hanger of the mobile is made by wood. It does look great.


Since I didn’t have any wood and wood craft isn’t one I will be trying anytime soon, I used a different tutorial, found also on Pinterest to make my hanger. This one uses fabric cut into circles of three different sizes and filled with toy stuffing. When put together, they create this fabric cloud. Again the fabric was leftovers from other projects, something that filled me with joy as I don’t know what to do with some of my smaller scraps, sometimes.


I’m quite pleased with my hot air balloons as they are now hanging on the nursery room-to-be wall. It was a fun project that didn’t involve the sewing machine at all. 😉

And how is January treating you? I’ve seen some very creative beginnings in the inter webs.

About delightfullypeculiar

I'm Vasi, Greek living in the U.K. I wouldn't call this blog my sewing journey but an attempt to make and do the things that make me happy, sewing being one of them.
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17 Responses to January hibernation

  1. sewrussia says:

    The hot air balloons are super cute! My needle went through my finger once too. I wrapped it up and kept sewing. My husband thought I was crazy. Lol Oh our January here in Louisiana comes and goes. It’s summer one day, spring the next, hurricane season for a week, winter for 3-5 business days and then back around we go! Lmbo

  2. Beth says:

    OMG your finger!! But those hot air balloons are sooo sweet. A good start to January I think 🙂

  3. Sewing through my finger is my very worst sewing fear–yikes!!!! Hope you are okay. O_o

    I love that mobile! My dad is actually a hot air balloon pilot so the design really made me smile. =) I think the cloud is a really cute touch! (And much safer than wood, in the unlikely event that it falls.) I think your baby will love having this is their room!

    • Your dad has quite a profession. I’ve sewn the finger before but as the machine wasn’t as advanced as this one, it was a minor scratch compared to this time, but it’s ok now. I will be adding a few more handmade items in the baby room, so that he gets accustomed to handmade haha!

  4. Hope your finger is better now! Your balloons are very cute. What a clever idea. I bet they are fantastic in baby’s room!

  5. Yikes! Your poor finger! Hope it’s healing nicely by now?
    Fab mobile, a really cheerful project for drab January 🙂

  6. Your poor finger! Love a mobile so bright and cheery.

  7. Thimberlina says:

    This is really cute! Hope you’re keeping well, and aren’t too tired. Get plenty of rest as your body’s busy making a special person! (hope I don’t sound like your mother, lol!) 🙂

  8. Rachel M says:

    Love it. What a fabulous mobile. What a great way to use scraps. Enjoy the moment, your new arrival will grow up so quickly.

    • Thank you! I enjoyed making it, it’s nice not to fiddle with fitting and other garment related issues from time to time. And yes sadly I have been warned they grow up very quickly, so I’ll try and make the best of it.

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