Thank you and a give away


While I’m between boxes – yes the miracle of the move is happening this time – but with my sewing machine and most of my sewing tools still unpacked, I wanted to say first of all a big thank you to anyone who voted for my Yoyo Dress and Skirt during IPM2015 at the Monthly Stitch, on the One pattern Two takes category. I won, I won! I managed to win at something haha, and that was thanks to your help.

My prize was two gorgeous patterns by Christine Hanes The Chelsea Dress and the famous Emery Dress. I have seen amazing versions of the Emery Dress all over the sewing world, but I have to admit that my first attempt was very unsuccessful to say the least. I simply hated the dress I made and after wearing it twice, it was moved to the recycling pile (in one of the boxes now). When I fail with a pattern, I usually don’t make it again, not because it’s the pattern’s fault but mostly because of fear, it will result in another failure. There was something about the Emery Dress though, that told me I should give it another go and so I did. The result was this version, a dress that when I put it on, I never want to take off, haha.

So if you haven’t made the Emery Dress, if you haven’t bought he pattern, but you would like to, look no further. As I already have the pattern, I would like to send this new copy to a lucky winner as a big thank you to all of you who visit this blog. All you have to do is leave a comment below telling me of any patterns that although the first attempt was a disaster you ended up making another one or more successful versions.

Emery DressYou have until Sunday 9th August at 00:00 GMT. I will post the pattern anywhere 🙂 I look forward to reading your stories and I will announce the winner on Monday 10th August.

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I'm Vasi, Greek living in the U.K. I wouldn't call this blog my sewing journey but an attempt to make and do the things that make me happy, sewing being one of them.
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22 Responses to Thank you and a give away

  1. Abigail says:

    I tried making some shorts and messed them up so much that I couldn’t even put them on! I made them a second time and they fit, luckily 🙂 I think I must have cut them out wrong or something…anyways, second time is the charm.

    Thanks for hosting this giveaway 🙂

    • I hate it when they turn small, especially when they are too small to even try them out to see how small, haha, there’s nothing you can do, at least with the bigger size you can downgrade. But well done for remaking them!

  2. Kat H says:

    Oooh, I’ve had my eye on this pattern for a while! 🙂

    Hmmm…. well, I must admit, I can’t think of any where I’ve remade them successfully! I do, however, have a couple on my list of things to make that didn’t work out the first time (mainly due to experimenting with fabric choices that didn’t work out too well, oops!), but I haven’t gotten around to making them yet! One day…. 😉

  3. Beth says:

    How long of you. I love your spotty Emery! Well this is something I need to work on because I tend to only make one of each pattern… But I have made three Clemence skirts (Tilly And the Buttons) because my first turned out too big but I liked the style!

  4. Hila says:

    Congrats on winning! I loved your Yoyo skirt! How generous and kind of you to be giving away a pattern. I have been quite lucky with my makes thus far. I did make a Burda Kasia skirt and my first attempt I wasnt too impressed by – i gabe it another go with some alterations and boom! Its now one of my fave high waisted skirt patterns. 😃

  5. Hari says:

    Congratulations! Everything I make seems to need a muslin to get the fit right and each time I think this is horrible it will never work. Yet every time after adjustments I think it’s the best I’ve ever made! 🙂

  6. megsewing says:

    Thanks so much for having a giveaway 🙂 but sorry things had to go wrong with your sewing first.
    Your Yo Yo make was amazing! When I saw your entries it immediately put the pattern on the top of my to buy list!!

    • Oh thank you, it’s a great pattern and depending on the fabric/print it can be dressy or casual!

    • megsewing says:

      Oh I forgot to add my story! The first time I made the Sew Over it Ultimate shift dress as just a complete rookie disaster. No toile, cut straight into my nice fabric and sewed it all up nicely with French seams. Only when I tried it on it was too small everywhere! It couldn’t even fit over my head!
      I’ve just started making it again and now it fits! It still need finishing but I know it’s gonna be better then the fist version.

  7. kaitlynssimplyvintage says:

    My first go at a sleeveless, pintuckless Mathilde was a disaster, not because of fit, but because of fabric. I have another one half made in a fabric that will behave itself much better

  8. PinhouseP says:

    I think I am a bit like you, when I fail at the first attempt, I usually don’t reach for that pattern again (unless it was a toile/muslin of course). So I am afraid I cannot share any “fail-to-win” stories. I recently tried my hand on Butterick#5880, it ended up GORGEOUS………… aaaannd, too small. I was bummed beyond belief, but I will most definitely try that pattern again. Best of luck with your unpacking, and congrats on your win! Well deserved!

  9. Congrats on your win! I can’t really say what pattern it was, but it was pink polyester hipster bell bottom pants (trousers) that I made in grade 8. Everything was fine EXCEPT when I sat down they slid down my butt and at the same time “goosed” me in the front. I wore them once and never made pants again. But seriously, with the support I have received from bloggers I have bought three batches of fabric and plan on doing it again, properly! I’ve already made jeans, how hard can pants be?

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