Zsalya Dress Kate & Rose Patterns French knots and wind

Every summer, and I don’t mean the five days of British summer we have every year, I dream of a simple flowy , comfortable white dress, something that brings to mind those boho embroidered dresses. I had the Zsalya Dress/top pattern by Kate & Rose for a while now and thought it would serve as the perfect canvas for such a dress. I’ve also been obsessed by broderie anglaise lately, which would make a nice fabric for such a dress, I thought. However, my local fabric shop had only the classic type of broderie anglaise. I bought two metres of that, thinking it would  still work for the style I wanted to achieve.

The finished dress however, wasn’t exactly what I had in mind. In my eyes, there was something of a christening gown to it or even worse a night gown, I wasn’t loving it but I did like the actual dress.

Zsalya Dress Kate & Rose Patterns

I decided to try and fix the things I didn’t like, I bought some fabric dye and changed its colour to yellow, which turned out paler than what I liked, so I was still not happy with it. It needed something else to make it special.

Zsalya Dress Kate & Rose Patterns

Sometime ago I had read a post by Anne at The Compulsive Seamstress where she had embellished her daughter’s skirt by using the technique of French Knots and ever since then I wanted to try but never had the opportunity. The pale yellow broderie anglaise seemed it needed that kind of embellishment. I unearthed some of my embroidery threads and got to work, filling in with lovely French knots the floral centres. And then went even further to use some embroidery on the bottom trace, creating a rather pleasant effect.

Zsalya Dress Kate & Rose

The top of the dress still troubled me, the thread of the broderie, was still too shiny. The fabric paint came out and by using a tool that looks a lot like a fountain pen and has nothing to do with sewing, I applied some of it on those flowers. Blue and purple are good colours to combine with yellow.

Zsalya Dress Kate & Rose

The additions transformed the plain dress into something special and it now looks more like the summer dress I had in mind. The wind wasn’t very kind to my hair haha

Zsalya Dress Kate & Rose Patterns

I didn’t touch the back except for the hem embroidery, which works for me.

Zsalya Dress Kate & Rose Patterns

Now for the pattern details, I cut a straight size S and didn’t make any alterations at all. I followed the quick & dirty approach of attaching the top to the rest of the dress as it seemed less complicated and quicker as the name implies. I omitted the sleeves completely, as in my mind this is Greece hot summer dress, so no sleeves needed. I would definitely recommend the pattern, which doesn’t take long to put together at all. The thing that took me the most was the gathers at the front and the back. Not my strong point at all, I can never get them right or even. I’d like to try it with a less stiffer fabric as well for a smarter style.

I will leave you with me singing to the tree using one of its branches as a microphone. Have a good week everyone.

Zsalya Dress Kate & Rose

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I'm Vasi, Greek living in the U.K. I wouldn't call this blog my sewing journey but an attempt to make and do the things that make me happy, sewing being one of them.
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  2. What a clever idea! You made it look 100% better! Very nice!

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