Brigitte Dress Simple Sew Patterns

Brigitte Dress Simple Sew Pattrens

The Brigitte Dress Pattern was a free pattern with the first issue of Love Sewing magazine. I loved the 60s feel of the dress but it took me a while to make. I got the fabric from Fabric Land in Brighton, looking for a different kind of fabric but couldn’t just leave this one in the shop.

Brigitte Dress Simple Sew Patterns

I cut a straight size 8 and then added the blue cotton at the bottom. This is a left over from my second Delphine skirt (not blogged). I made the sleeves longer and added cuffs from the same left over fabric, which happens to be exactly the same colour as my favourite pair of shoes.

Brigitte Dress Simple Sew Patterns Cuffs

I used the Grainline Archer Sew-Along for the cuffs and the sleeve plackets. The mother of pearl buttons are from my stash.

Brigitte Dress Simple Sew Patterns

I didn’t use an invisible zipper as per the pattern instructions, because I didn’t have one. I failed on the insertion part and whatever I tried afterwards wouldn’t resolve that wrinkly problem in the back, but after a few attempts, I gave up as I didn’t want to damage the fabric completely. I also lined the dress (I forgot to take pics) because I would like to wear it with tights and the cotton is a no, no for this purpose. In general, it’s an easy make, the pattern instructions are very clear and I’m definitely trying it again, as it is a very flattering shape. I may skip the cuffs next time though.

Collar handmade

And now to my favourite part of the make, the collar. If you read my previous post, you already know that I’ve been obsessing about this Armani collar, so I saw this as an opportunity to make something similar.

Collar Handmade

It can be worn in couple of different ways,  giving a different air to the dress.

Collar Handmade

I haven’t got anything to add for the pattern, I’m dreaming it in a warmer winter fabric but until then have a good week everyone. I will be flying to Frankfurt tomorrow for a week of work meetings and my suitcase isn’t even half packed, but this dress is in there already. 🙂

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I'm Vasi, Greek living in the U.K. I wouldn't call this blog my sewing journey but an attempt to make and do the things that make me happy, sewing being one of them.
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5 Responses to Brigitte Dress Simple Sew Patterns

  1. So cute! I love the way you used contrasting fabric for the cuffs and collar. And you ROCK that collar! =)

  2. Fabulous collar! And love the cuffs! xxx

  3. Laura says:

    Nice! This pattern is edging its way up my ‘to sew’ pile.

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