1800s Fashion: 1830s -1860s

Second instalment of my fashion through time, massively falling behind, attempt.

Do you remember the expansion in the fashion universe, I mentioned in my previous post? Well, this is when it all happens.

Leg of mutton 1830s Fashion

The elegant romantic sleeves turn into fashion balloons, the so-called gigot sleeves or leg of mutton. None of these terms sounds very appealing to me and I certainly wouldn’t like to wear the leg of any mutton.  Very large over the arm but narrowing to a small cuff at the wrist, hence leg of mutton.

You can see the resemblance

You can see the resemblance

Technological advances in textile printing have an effect on fabrics and fashion of the time moves  from dark and heavy colours to florals and stripes printed on light fabrics. 1830s Fabric

Fabric Swatch 1830s

While the sleeves go out of proportion (well, ok with today’s standards) and the dresses become wider around the shoulder, the waist seems uncomfortably small and the enormous proportions of the upper and lower part of the dress makes it look very tiny. The skirt remains full but acquires a more conical shape and will keep expanding until the 1860s. 1830s Fashion

During this time women take up to riding and of course this immediately influences the fashionable ladies of the time and translates into a high-necked and tight around the waist jacket, matched with a skirt (of course) and a collared shirt, as the picture below.

Riding 1830's Fashion

This period of time is also responsible for the crinoline which, thank God, didn’t travel all the way to the present time.


The crinoline (right) helped made the skirts even bigger

Artistic Dress

Rossetti Prosperine

Rossetti Lylith

During the 1860s the artistic dress movement emulates the style of the Pre-Raphaelite’s models’ garments, which were loosely fitted, plain dresses. They were apparently adopted in real life by the painters’ wives and models, as everyday dresses.

Around this time Charles Frederick Worth makes his first steps in the world of fashion by opening his shop and becoming thus, a pioneer of haute couture.

Speaking of haute couture, Christian Dior’s Spring Summer 2010 collection draws inspiration from the tight riding jackets and the top hats with veil worn by the women of our period. Enjoy until next time 🙂

Pics: Wikipedia

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