1800s Fashion: 1810-1830 or so..

I’m already falling behind with the task I set myself, and haven’t even posted a single thing about it. In a previous post I mentioned that I would like to explore the different styles in fashion over the past 200 years in order to create a digital portfolio and from there to end up sewing a piece inspired by the particular period. First on the list is the 1800s. We ought however to start our little journey slightly earlier.

It was not until after the French revolution that fashion was really born in the way that we consider it today, more as a means of individual expression rather than an indication of social status. This was represented in women’s fashion with the empire dress.

Empire Dress

The empire dress was characterised by a high waistline and a low neckline, influences by the classical Greco-Roman silhouette, with drapes and sheer fabrics. The bottom of the dress flowed for ease of movement. This style gave birth to what later was called the Regency style dress, where the waist still remained high but began to drop slightly, whereas decoration was added to the hem and the neckline. Colours other than white were also added.

Regency style

Regency style

Between 1800 and 1820, women decided that they could no longer go out in the cold practically naked, with the wind blowing their sheer dresses. It was time for them to wear coats to protect them from the cold weather. Some of them were lined with fur and they were decorated with tassels and all sorts of trimmings. These were also called coat dresses and they were suitable both for indoors and outdoors.


Dress coats 1800s

dress coats As time went by in the ever-changing world of fashion, the classical influence started to wear out and gave its place to the romantic style influenced by medieval costumes and the gothic style. Sleeves became longer and they were bound by a cord to resemble that particular style. The corset makes also a comeback.

Romantic influence

Corset 1800s

All this brings us to the 1830s where fashion changes completely and everything starts to expand, a little bit like how the universe was born. Yes I know, slightly irrelevant.

The 1800s like any era of the past have inspired contemporary fashion

Empire Dress

Empire style dress



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3 Responses to 1800s Fashion: 1810-1830 or so..

  1. ouidepuis1 says:

    I love this era!! I love coat dresses. They rock. When I went to uni there was no such thing as a coat hanging area so you would basically not were one (summer) or where it always (winter) because the building was so old. Then I moved to Portugal were it was pretty much the same deal (because the winter is so short the buildings are not very well insulated, therefore cold!!!) I love a beautiful coat to complement an even more beautiful dress….

  2. Pingback: Fashion for Women 1820s by Suzi Love. The 1820s was the beginning of the Romantic era and a time when women's clothing changed from the simplistic lines and colors of the Regency era and became more structured, complex, and colorful.

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