Who am I? That’s a secret, I’m happy to tell

If any of you has read my About page and some of my previous posts, you will already know, how much I enjoy a good challenge. And no better way to start the new year, with one. The Daily Post at WordPress are running the Zero to Hero challenge, consisting of 30 bite size assignments, one for each day. Day 1 is about introducing yourself. Now having this blog for over a year, seems a bit silly to introduce myself, at this stage, but why not? 🙂

My name is Vasiliki and I am Greek. I have been living in the UK for the past 10+ years. I came to England to do a MA in Creative Writing and, well decided to stay. You will hear me moaning non-stop about the British weather and the absence of any summer whatsoever, but also about how cold I am. Between you and me anything below 20c degrees is winter for me, unless it’s accompanied by sun. For proof of evidence, here’s my explanation for what we call The British Summer. (sadly no one liked that post)

Three years ago I moved to Brighton to work in a publishing house. I am a foreign rights person, which is much less complicated than what it sounds. In essence I’m a travelling sales person. I started this blog as an experiment, after we published a book on blogging. The company I work for, publishes craft books, among other subjects, from which I usually pick a project in order to test it. I used the blogging book in exactly the same way and this is how Delightfully Peculiar was created. I kept the blog as a means of monitoring my travelling (even with work only, it’s quite a bit), my love for fashion and handmade things and of course my love for books. Yes, I have been advised against blogging without a specific subjects, but I can’t help it, I’m a girl of many hats and I get bored easily, hehe!

I recently started blogging about my sewing clothes experience, after having being inspired by other people’s beautiful blogs,  so I’m going to carry on, on that route, but there will definitely be travelling, some books (my new job involves a wide list specialising in fashion and textiles but shhh for now) and of course all sorts of crafts and fabrications. I just love how easily one can combine, pictures and words while blogging.

I guess all I want to do with this blog, is to get in touch with people, whom sometimes you don’t get the chance to meet as you walk down a street, to be inspired and inspire others with my posts and above all to be part of the fun the blogosphere is 🙂 I haven’t been very consistent with my blogging and I don’t like a lot scheduling my posts (it ends up being work then) but I will do my best to keep you and me busy for this year!

About delightfullypeculiar

I'm Vasi, Greek living in the U.K. I wouldn't call this blog my sewing journey but an attempt to make and do the things that make me happy, sewing being one of them.
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13 Responses to Who am I? That’s a secret, I’m happy to tell

  1. sbunny85 says:

    A gossip girl inspired quote? Well, you’ve got my attention! I’ve just started sewing actually! I made a cushion cover and you would have thought I’d created some medieval tapestry, I was so excited!

    • I don’t know what’s about Gossip Girl but I just love the series, hehe, I suspect it’s more the clothes, as I have watched it more than once. :-p I know what you mean about sewing, even with my ill fitting garments, there’s always the sense of having made something extraordinary haha! Thank you for visiting. xx

  2. Daniela Pozzobon says:

    Hey! I’m also participating on the “Zero to Hero” challenge 🙂
    Loved the Gossip Girl reference!

    Danni from Brazil (lol)

  3. areed090290 says:

    I love this. Your experiences are inspiring, and make me almost jealous! (I’m not the jealous type, and I met someone else on WordPress who isn’t either and that’s the phrase they used. So I’m stealing it.)

    I’m doing the zero to hero challenge too! I’m following you so I can keep up with what you write. I’m excited to see it.

  4. ouidepuis1 says:

    Did you ever do any knitting?? I read a book (novel) about it and now it has my attention. My mam taught my when I was little, but she was never very good at it and I never really got into it. Until the novel about knitting.
    My train of thought went of the rails there! Anyway, tell me more 🙂

  5. ginghamchick says:

    looking forward to more posts!!! Gossip Girl indeed 🙂

  6. cindieb says:

    I am also doing the Zero to Hero and was randomly looking for blogs to post on (todays exercise) and I found yours. The sewing caught my eye, I just started sewing again after many, many years and I am excited to pick it up again. RIght now my project is curtains for our motorhome. I’m at cindieb.wordpress.com if you want to take a look. Looking forward to more posts. Cindie

    • Your curtains look really cute and they do make a difference. I don’t know how to sew curtains, we haven’t got any at our flat so this may be a good opportunity. So little time though and so many things I want to do. Hope you’re enjoying zero to hero 🙂

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