Fall Essentials Sew Along 2013: Butterick/Mccall B4386

In my line of work except for travelling to lovely places, you also get (well, I wouldn’t consider this much luck) to book fairs. One of them being the Frankfurt Bookfair. You will naturally wonder what this has to do with the Fall Essentials Sew Along. At  a book fair like the one in Frankfurt, I spend my time with back to back meetings with clients from 09:00-18:00 for four days in a row. 🙂 One needs to be well dressed, and most of all warm, as where our stand is located there’s always a draft, making it feel as if you’re standing under a roof with a hole in the middle that lets all the cold come in. Brrrrr!

So the Sew Along was the perfect excuse for me to use the first project on my list to create one of the outfits for the fair. The lucky winner was Butterick B4386. The pattern has 6 different versions and is described as fast and easy. Perfect!

I’m not a big fun of pink but I fell in love with this fuchsia crepe when I came across it at Fabric Land in Brighton (favourite fabric shop ever).

Butterick Sewalong Fall Essentials 2013

My version is much shorter than the one on the pattern, (I thought it was probably too long, so cut it too short without thinking, but ended up ok) making me a bit worried when I lifted my arms to get books from the shelves, but luckily there were no awkward accidents. I also used the option with the collar, but omitted the  bow on the side, as I thought it a bit too cute. As you can see, I used the same colour for the collar as for the rest of the dress, again I just didn’t like white.

Although the front of the dress, was relatively easy to construct, the back was a bit of a nightmare, as for some reason I thought it needed a zipper when it clearly didn’t, (or did it?) and boy I made every effort to add one there. The result is slightly like Halloween and the light in this picture does it no justice at all. (makes my bum look huge too) Oh, well you live and learn. Luckily my hair is long enough to hide any disasters, until I fix them, haha. Sleeves were a bit of challenge too but they turned out ok.

Sew Along Fall essentials 2013 Mccall B4386

The best thing about this dress was that it was put to the test and it didn’t fail me. Was worn for more than 12 hours, making it through all my meetings and the dinner following them, staying in one piece. Again it may not be perfect, but practice makes that 🙂 It’s warm and fun and goes well with my windmill and my pink hat.

Mccaill Butterick B4386

shoes:H&M/ hat: memory fails/windmill: given to me in Barcelona (I’m such a hoarder)/ Xmas decoration in the back: left there since last year/ pics: the boyfriend & my camera

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I'm Vasi, Greek living in the U.K. I wouldn't call this blog my sewing journey but an attempt to make and do the things that make me happy, sewing being one of them.
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  1. Hey, lady! You work in publishing – same here!!! WHAT/WHERE?

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