The fabric book

I love books, which is why I work in publishing. Mostly though, I like combining that love with sewing, my other favourite thing.

I’ve always wanted to get my hands on making a fabric book and since one my friends is sadly leaving the UK to return home, I thought it a good opportunity to give her a unique farewell present. I started planning my book sometime next week. Took out all my fabrics, lace, buttons (oh, how I love buttons)  and other trimmings and started by making a list of all the things she likes, The Moomins, Yoga, Japan, Christmas and of course handmade things. I attached her favourite things to letters of her name and after some long hours of sewing, I finished it yesterday. So here it is.

The basic fabric of the book pages is heavy weight calico. For the cover I stitched on it a vintage square doily in the middle and embellished the sides by cutting into two another doily bought from my favourite vintage shop in Lewes. That’s where the doily in the back of my Very Old Yellow T-shirt came from. 🙂

Fabric book cover front side

Fabric book full cover

Each book spread is dedicated to one letter of my friend’s name, so M is for Moomin.

I traced the Moomin on felt and then stitched it on the fabric that covers the calico. For the page of the letter, I just drew the letter on a piece of calico and then used the sewing machine to sew over the pencil markings. I cut some leaves from a fabric I have and then embellished with some other pieces of scrap fabric in my stash.

Fabric Book Moomin page

E is for elephant, because I thought they are very associated with Buddhism and the temples she likes so much.  For the letter page, I used some ropes, which were left over props from a book photo shoot at work. People know I like making things, with what they call junk, hehe, so they always give me stuff they don’t want. For the elephant page, I cut out an elephant from a shirt I got at a clothes-swap event ( I thought I would use the fabric rather than wear the shirt) and some amazing lace I bought from the same vintage shop. A very old cushion, provided me with some India inspired trimmings.

Fabric book elephant page

I is of course for India. Here again I used the India inspired pillow and some colourful fabrics that remind me of the beautiful saris Indian women wear.

Fabric book India inspired page

K is for Kimono, which always reminds me of the quote in My Big, Fat, Greek Wedding. For the Kimono page, I must admit, I was a bit lazy and used a paper origami Geisha, which nevertheless thought that looked appropriate. I used soft colours, having in my mind the beautiful blossomed cherry trees of Japan.

Fabric book Kimono page

E is for Elk. Meike, as you will have figured out her name by now, bought me last Christmas the book called Doppler by Erlend Loe, in Much A Do About Books in Alfriston. The owner had made a felt version of the cover, which she put on the gift wrap of the book. I remember she really liked it but she refused taking it from me, so now I will force her to have it, haha.  I tried to keep a sort of Christmas feeling on the rest of the spread by making the velvet ribbon and the golden trimming.

Fabric book Christmas page

The flowers on the cover are part of an old shirt that I bought in a charity shop 🙂 I really like the bulk of it and the fact that if you push it, it will probably fit in a suitcase. 🙂

Fabric book cover back side

I need to make an equally nice and inspired wrapping for it and hope that she will like it. 🙂

About delightfullypeculiar

I'm Vasi, Greek living in the U.K. I wouldn't call this blog my sewing journey but an attempt to make and do the things that make me happy, sewing being one of them.
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