Transmongolian and Beyond: First stop Moscow

First stop on our Transmongolian Railway trip was Moscow, as this was were the train, was going to start its loooong journey in the depths of Russia and Siberia before it arrived in Beijing (but more on the actual train journey later)

We stayed at the Trans-Siberian hostel, which we thought appropriate, purely because of the name. It is an ok, hostel but has no en suite double rooms to my disappointment. However, it did have a very peculiar approach to home or better hostel decoration and seemed in favour of shoes, like the rest of Moscow. 🙂

This is what decorated our walls and the price tag was still on it

This is what decorated our walls and the price tag was still on it

Moscow gave me the impression of a town which is half way through change, with a pretty sleek centre, and less  well looked after neighbourhoods outside it, but I think that’s normal for every town.

Moscow centre

Moscow Centre

Moscow centre

I found Russian fashion, once more very amusing, with all the animal prints and flowers of the season but also the unnecessary bling of every outfit, even if it were for a walk in the park. Compared to St. Petersburg, I saw some flat shoes in Moscow 🙂

As expected the Kremlin and Red Square were impressive. The latter turns into a bright castle during the night as the shopping mall Gum is lit. Very beautiful. My favourite bit was St. Basil’s church, which looks exactly as in the pictures and just for that is worth seeing. It’s like candy put together in the most artful creation.

St Basil's Church

Moscow Red Square

Lenin's Tomb





One of the funniest moments in Moscow, was the day we visited Gorky Park. Rain in Moscow has the amazing ability to come at the least expected of times but doesn’t usually last long, not that day though. It started by a few drops and the sun hiding behind the clouds, but soon transformed into a storm, turning most of us into wet cats, haha.




We all ran under a sheltered part of the entrance gate and stayed there waiting for the rain to stop. During that time, babies started crying, girls started singing, romances evolved but the rain kept going.


Once it slowed a bit, some of us walked out of our shelter and ran for the metro station. Not us! ‘Let’s walk through the other side of the park,’ boyfriend suggested and I foolishly followed. We ended up walking through a construction site, which seemed to lead to nowhere, going past workers who had given up because of the work and finally stepping into mud, which wasn’t fun at all, when you wore sandals and you were already wet.

walking in the mud2

And when we reached the end of the site, we were faced by a closed door, which immediately made me look in horror, where we had come from.

It took a lot of effort to pull that smile

It took a lot of effort to pull that smile

Luckily a nice man opened it for us, putting us out of our misery, mine mostly.  From there we walked to Red October (not the submarine), where we relaxed with some beer and khachapuri. Yummy! And some very nice night view.


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