Kotor City Walls

Kotor bay is one of the most beautiful towns in Montenegro. The country itself became independent only very recently and although it isn’t part of the EU its currency is the Euro. Kotor area is known as Europe’s southernmost fjord and one can see why.

One of the main attractions are the city walls. Climbing all the way up to the top is an exhausting experience, especially if you decide to do it at the very inappropriate time of around 12:00 with the bright sun raising the temperature to 35 Celsius degrees. It’s not to be missed though, mainly because of the magnificent views.

The ascent for the city wall begins from inside the town once one goes up the stairs in one of the narrow streets. Before you start though make sure you are well equipped with bottles of water. You will definitely need it. Otherwise you can spend your money at the vendors who have carried their frozen bottles of water all the way up there and they will sell you one bottle for about €1.50.

This is the view of the city walls from the starting point

The first point and stop in ascending the walls is at 105m height. It is the church of Our Lady of Health. At the time of arrival the church was closed but we were rewarded by the magnificent views of Kotor bay and some shade. Even at this early point, I’m completely blown away by the views and very content with what we have achieved so far. My companion, however, is not of the same opinion…

From the church to the next stop is another 155m upward ‘climbing’. This is the view all the way to St Ivan’s Castle from where we were standing. Can you spot the flag at the top?

It was really hard to keep going as the sun and the heat weren’t making things any easier. We used every little spot of shade to recharge our batteries and did make it all the way to St Ivan’s Castle in one piece. There were times that my heart was beating so fast, I thought I was going to collapse, but hurrah, I managed to stand there by the flag.

Now you can see that flag

The descent was much easier but having run out of water, we stopped to buy some from one of the vendors, who had previously advised us to be careful of the stones, which were not only sharp and pointy, but also slippery. Fun fact? Well, we managed to land on our bums more than once. And some more view from above

Kotor is small but very picturesque, it’s not overcrowded by tourists and remains unspoilt by the touristic endeavours of big hotels or coffee and restaurant chains. After returning to civilization it was imperative to have a drink

Exactly opposite from where we were sitting the sky was raining red umbrellas but the sun kept shining.

Once revived we continued with the exploration of Kotor town.

At night the city walls look over the beauty of Kotor and as they are illuminated they seem even more impressive and unearthly.

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