Four days in St. Petersburg – The Churches

While the rain made it clear, it had no intention to stop, we took the opportunity to visit a few more indoors places. First on our list was St. Isaac’s Cathedral. Another must see according to our Rough Guide to St. Petersburg. I collect them and I never go anywhere without them. A very impressive building on the outside, with huge marble columns and a golden dome which gives the impression it aspires to reach the skies. The ticket entrance was another minus 250 Rubles on our budget.

As impressive it was on the outside so unimpressive was the inside. It took us no more than 10 minutes to go around the only part of the church that was open for viewing and was conveniently called ‘museum’. Should one wished to go up the colonnade and admire the magnificent view it promised, another 250 rubles had to be spent to go up the 262 steps to the top of the dome. At that point we were already let down by the little we had seen and were not that eager on a new disappointment, so we skipped that part. However, in order to be fair, the interior will probably be something worth seeing for anyone who doesn’t come from christian orthodox background. The highlight of our visit though, was the wedding that had just finished and the happy bridesmaids granted us with a great pose and picture.

Leaving our bride and groom to enjoy their day we moved on to Kazan Cathedral, where the entrance was hurrah free. Another big building of equal grandeur to St. Isaac’s Cathedral.

Our church pilgrimage ended with the visit of the Church of the Saviour on the Blood. Onion domes, colours and an interior entirely covered in gilded mosaics. Stunning from every way you looked at it. It was worth every single of the 300 rubles we paid to enter. I was stopped at the entrance by another happy not Russian and was asked to throw away my chewing gum 😦 My fault I admit it.

My travelling experience so far has taught me that no day goes without an adventure or some sort of misfortune. Well, let me tell you this was no exception. My eye infection, as I initially thought, had travelled with me all the way from the UK and not only did it make my eyes hurt a lot, at times making it difficult to keep them open, but also allowed me a rather hazy, artistic and certainly not clear view of St. Petersburg. And this was only the beginning of my imminent blindness…


Wikipe-tan (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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