The Beginning

The beginning, this delightfully magic moment in time when everything starts. Do we really know when and where things begin? Can we be sure of the exact moment in time, each and every of our stories began? How can we be sure, other things hadn’t occurred before, secret events, which led to further events, and to the precious moment that we decided to call the beginning of everything? Unfortunately, I don’t. I have decided, however, to call my beginning, the moment when an advance copy of a book about blogging landed on my desk. With its bright coloured fonts, it promised to teach me – the novice, the inexperienced – how to make my blog work. I approached it with caution, as I always do with books, which promise me, to make me thin, rich, confident, persuasive, a better communicator, happy, more perceptive, organised, a non-smoker, all the things I am not, a blogger being amongst them. You see, I have attempted before to blog and failed miserably because: 1. I didn’t have the time, 2. I didn’t have ideas, 3. I am always scared of criticism, 4. I lack clear focus. So, all my previous attempted blogging lived a premature death, resulting in adding one more member to the number of inactive blogs and rubbish in the blogosphere. Apologies, for littering. I can only promise to be blog-enviromentally friendly from now on.

Starting with this post, I decided to follow the instructions in the book as much as possible and see if it works.  I set up my twitter account and an e-mail address to go with it, I found a template I liked, I customised it, I even thought of a few posts to come. Planning ahead, planning ahead. Ready to go, I thought and smiled, until I stumbled upon the word FOCUS. Reason of previous failures no.4. I welcome variety in my life, which is why I lack clear focus. I like shifting it from one thing or activity to another to suit my mood. According to my book, this is not a plus, when it comes to blogging. My book may be right or wrong, time will only tell but as there is variety in my life, so there will be in my posts. Expect craft, art, books, writing (obviously), photographs, thoughts, travelling and delightfully peculiar events. You may like them or hate them, you may find them hard to keep up with or even confusing. Whatever it is, it would be great if you told me. Talk to me, like me or hate me, use the little blue bird to sing for me, press your thumb on me, make a sky full of stars, hang my pictures on your boards and if you like me follow me.

     Until the next one…

About delightfullypeculiar

I'm Vasi, Greek living in the U.K. I wouldn't call this blog my sewing journey but an attempt to make and do the things that make me happy, sewing being one of them.
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2 Responses to The Beginning

  1. timethief says:

    Thanks so much for being so open and honest in this post and on your About page. I like to follow bloggers who are able to overcome the fear of exposure and be authentic online. Analyzing why you did not do well when blogging before and sharing your reasons made me pause to think about each reason you provided:
    1. I didn’t have the time;
    2. I didn’t have ideas;
    3. I am always scared of criticism;
    4. I lack clear focus.

    I work with my hubby in our art business. He has a second position and has to travel a lot so I’m often alone. I also do technical writing under non disclosure contracts. I’m always short on time and have learned hot to schedule so I can actually get something accomplished. I blogged these 12 Time Management Tips for Top Blogging Performance in my blogging tips blog to share what I do with others. Maybe my tips will help you. I sure hope they do.

    You mention a book above but I’m not aware of any that I recommend to bloggers because most are aimed at blogging and only a few have a little section for bloggers. I’m experiencec with using the support docs and with answering support forum questions so the use ot the software and features is not mystery to me.

    I have tons of ideas to blog about in my two older blogs (blogging tips and personal development). I also had an abundance of self development quotes I have accumulated over the years with the vague notion that I would one day create another blog and use them in it. This Zero to Hero prompted me to get up and running with the new blog and I’m committed to publishing every day for 30 days – wow! So far it’s been fun and I am meeting new bloggers every day.

    I’m not afraid of criticism. Even if it’s harsh I’m able to detach emotionally from it and find whatever I can in it that’s helpful. I’m open to hearing as many ideas as I can about improving my blogs.

    Please to meet you. 🙂

    • Thank you for the comment and very nice meeting you too. Those 12 tips are indeed very helpful, my only concern is that I may not always be in a position to follow all of them due to a full time job, but I have been trying to schedule at least a bit in advance my posts. 🙂 I’m not that worried about criticism any more, I think it goes away after you have posted your first entry, haha! And yes I’m loving too Zero to Hero and I’m determined to follow all the tasks, it’s such a great idea! The book I was talking about is called blogging for creatives, and it is a book talking about all blogging platforms from the point of view of someone, who’s never done it before.

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