Black & White Stripey Dress

This is another make for the Monthly Stitch challenge, entitled this time monosewn, black& white in other words. I’ve noticed that stripes make the best black & white creations, like here, here and here. I love stripes and have blogged, two stripey garments, here and here. The inspiration for this month’s submission came from Pinterest. I sort of reside there from time to time and when I saw this dress, I knew I had to have it.

Stripey Dress Pinterest

 For my version I used about 3 metres of this cotton sateen fabric that I found on ebay. I like buying fabric from the local shops but sometimes I can’t find what I look for, and this was one of these instances. I can’t say it was of an excellent quality but it was good enough for what I wanted it to do.

Black & White Stripey Dress

The front of the bodice is the BHL Flora dress faux-wrap. Now with this we had a lot of issues, it took about three muslins to make it fit. I don’t know if it’s the pattern or me (I’m literally tiny at the top, so maybe it was me), but I did take quite a bit off the actual wrap in order to get it to an acceptable size that would allow everything to stay covered, if you know what I mean. The back is self-drafted, not exactly as the one in the picture but I did try a few different versions and this was the one that worked the best. Stripey Black & white Dress

The armholes and all the edges of the bodice are finished with facings.

Bodice facing

I particularly liked the play with the horizontal and vertical stripes on the inspiration dress and decided I should try it on mine too. I think it creates a great effect. The skirt is a self-drafted semi-circle skirt.

Stripey Black & White Dress back

For the hem, I placed the stripes at a different angle again and finished it with a bias tape (it’s not black or white though :0) and a split curve, because we love split curved hems.

Black & White Stripey Dress

Not a very nice picture sorry

Not a very nice picture sorry



The bodice has an invisible zipper on the side, and in terms of pattern matching well…

Matching pattern check :)

Matching pattern check :)


Matching patterns check :)

Matching patterns check :)

Not so check :(

Not so check :(

Despite making this dress last-minute and posting while on holidays, this is one of my favourite makes, so far, I have worn it as well, and it did receive a lot of compliments :) I love the way it flows when you swirl around and here’s the proof of that. (you may need to click on the below if it doesn’t show)Black & white Stripey Dress gif



Vote for me if you want

I have entered my latest make the Moneta top with the Mabel skirt to the Indie Fan Girl challenge at the Monthly Stitch. It’s one of my favourite makes so far, s if you would like to vote for me, it would make me veeeeeeryyyyy haaaaaappyyyyy. So if you’d like to cast your vote, or have a look at the other gorgeous entries, click here. 50% of the score comes from voting and 50% from the judges!

Mine is ‘A little bit of Mabel in my life, a little of Moneta by my side’. Thank you! There are some lovely patterns to be won and a girl can never have enough of these.

Mabel skirt & Moneta Colette Patterns


A little bit of Mabel in my life, a little of Moneta by my side

This is my submission for the last challenge of the Indie Month at the Monthly Stitch. For the Indie Fan Girl Challenge, the task was to choose an indie label and create an entire outfit using their patterns. I chose the Mabel and Moneta patterns from Colette Patterns. I had seen so many great versions of both of them, that I really wanted to try it myself and here it is.

Mabel skirt & Moneta Colette Patterns

I used version 3 of the Mabel skirt and the bodice of the Moneta with the bow collar. For the skirt I cut an xs size graded to S and for the top a straight small. The fabric was bought from Fabric Land in Brighton some time ago and was used to make a Deer and Doe Plantain (not blogged) so this was the left over. I really loved the combination of the flowers with the geometric pattern and I think it creates a nice effect both on the skirt and the top.

Mabel Skirt & Moneta colette patterns

I had made a muslin of the Moneta dress and I wasn’t very happy with the gaping at the armholes, but the sew along on the site was very helpful and used the tutorial by Miss Make to get rid of that, so this version of the bodice is much better. I love the bow collar.

Moneta bodice with bow collar

I wanted to turn the bodice into a peplum top but I run out of fabric so I did my own thing by cutting around the flower pattern and turning this to the bottom of the bodice. I really like the way it turned out.

Moneta bodice with scalloped peplum

Moneta Bodice with scalloped peplum

The skirt was very straightforward and the instructions that come with the pattern are very clear. The top and the skirt make a lovely combination and I will definitely wear them together and separately, for work or for going out.

Moneta Bodice and Mabel skirtThe skirt is absolutely amazing and not only do I highly recommend it but I’d love to make more of them.

Mabel Skirt Colette Patterns

I did most of it on the serger until my needle broke (there’s always have to be an accident haha), so please forgive some of the inside doesn’t look just as polished.

Moneta bodice & Mabel Skirt colette patterns


I enjoyed so much Indie month,  I want some more now. So many gorgeous entries and creativity, I can ply look forward to the monochrome month :)


Casual stroll in the Red Velvet Cake dress

When you live by the sea and the weather is nice you feel compelled, obliged in the least, to go outside, even if it’s for a little while.

Red Velvet Dress Cake Patterns

Cake Patterns Red Velvet Dress

Are you coming?

Oh, ok, I will come and get you...

Oh, ok, I will come and get you…

This is the red velvet dress from cake patterns. I’ve never sewn anything from them but I have their Gabarita top in my to sew list as well. The fabric is again from that fabric shop in Lisbon, I don’t know it’s length, but when I bought it, I figured out it would be long enough for a nice project, like this one. I love how the pattern and the colours match that of the building in our neighbourhood. I definitely fit in here, haha.

For the front I cut the bodice a bit too big for my size, hence the pleats look a bit funny, but then again, I quite liked the less fitted bodice, so I kept it and just made the pleats a bit bigger/longer.

Red Velvet Dress Cake Patterns

For the back bodice, I actually used the style of the  Gabarita top, because the whole fun in sewing is altering the pattern no? I’m very pleased with the way it turned out.

Cake Patterns red Velvet Dress



Cake Patterns Red Velvet Dress

The only thing that I found a bit frustrating was fitting the front and back midriff. I unpicked it twice, and you know how hard it is to break those serger seams. It ended up ok in the end, but sort of made me lose the will to sew.

Cake Patterns Red Velvet Dress

I really enjoyed making this dress, the instructions are very clear and there is a lot of potential for fabric combinations. I loved the pleats at the front and the back and I’d love to make it again. I can see it both in my winter and summer wardrobe. Oh and I got a compliment on it, while standing outside the flat from one of the neighbours!

From Working 9 to 5 to working out with the Nettie Bodysuit

After a long weekend, going back to work feels like a struggle and the first thing in my mind is what to wear. But not this time, now that I have the nettie bodysuit in my wardrobe. Problem solved.

Combined with this pleated skirt, based on Cotton and Curls’ great tutorial (yes mine is on the short side) it will take me all the way to the office.

Nettie Bodysuit I will work my 9 to 5 filing and typing e-mails, if only my office was so comfortable!

Nettie Bodysuit


Nettie Bodysuit

After all that hard work and a day spent sitting on a chair, I need a stretch and some serious working out. The nettie bodysuit has taken care of that too.

Pleated skirt

Just unbutton that skirt (such a brilliant design) put on some trainers and some optional leg warmers, and start running on that imaginary runway.

Nettie Bodysuit

Look how far you've gone, you can now face the window

Look how far you’ve gone, you can now face the window

Time to work those flabby arms!!

You can do it

You can do it

Nearly there

Nearly there

I win

I win!!!!

I bought the fabric for the nettie, in a recent trip to Lisbon, it was an off cut for EUR1.95 and although I knew it wasn’t the right kind of stretch fabric for the nettie, I couldn’t resist the colours and the pattern. This is my first stretchy knit and although it was challenging to sew it turned out really well. However, it does pull on the shoulders/armholes, because I suspect I need a bigger size due to the fabric not being as stretchy.

Nettie bodysuit detail I’m very pleased with the way the leg band and the back turned out. I cut a size 4 for the top and an 8 for the bottom (that area needs more working out, haha)

Nettie Bodyusit BacK


Nettie Bodysuit front

Have a good short week everyone!


Do I look like a cushion in this?

Delphine skirt

When I first saw the cover of Love at First Stitch, I fell in love with the Delphine skirt’s lovely shape and cute styling. When I got hold of the actual copy, (last one at waterstones at the Plaza) I went straight to tracing the pattern and cutting the fabric. The train journey seemed particularly long on the day, but I spent it by reading the book, which is actually a very enjoyable read, even if you don’t sew at the same time, haha! Tilly mentions that the Delphine skirt can be made even out of an old curtain, and offers ideas on how to customise your clothes. I didn’t need much more to decide on the fabric, which is actually an old curtain, that I bought for five pounds from a charity shop. There was so much fabric that I managed to make the O cushion and the tote bag, the latter was part of the free Bag Making class from Craftsy.

Delphine skirt

I cut a size 1 for the waist band and a size two for the rest of the skirt, and it fit perfectly. The instructions are so clear, they made this a very enjoyable make that I would like to repeat over and over. Unfortunately this is the only old curtain I have.

Delphine Skirt Love at First Stitch

I didn’t have an invisible or a yellowish zipper, so I used a normal one and the colour seems to blend in alright.

Delpshine skirt

Not my best job but then better than others

And then it was the customisation time! I did a scalloped hem, because it was fun and as I was sewing it, well I couldn’t help but think of the Flintstones.

See the resemblance?

See the resemblance?

Delphine Skirt

I also added three golden buttons on the front waistband, from an old top, which ended up in the bin, after having served me really well.

Delphine skirt

I wore it to work and nobody tried to sit on me, hehe, so maybe I don’t look like a cushion in it. I do like both the colours and the fabric.

But are you sure I don't look like a cushion?


Read it on the train Rainy Wednesday

I'm on a train

I’m on a train, where am I going?

While other people try to make their lives easier by minimising their commute, I have gone and done exactly the opposite. Two hours of my daily commute is spent sat on a train. And what does one do when on the train? Some listen to music, others just look outside the window (well the view doesn’t really change from day to day, sometimes it disappears behind the fog), others knit (I’d like to do that at some point but I’m not brave enough just yet), some others like me read and because i read I thought I’d let you know what. You are interested no?


Wednesday’s are the days, I get Stylist from Brighton station. I’m quite excited when I have it in my hands, silly me, but I see it as some sort of surprise, not the book that I was reading the previous day. Today the cover was devoted to the dress Liz Hurley wore in the premiere of Four Weddings and a Funeral and what it was that made it iconic and launched Liz Hurley to stardom.

some interesting facts about the dress

some interesting facts about the dress


Kevin Spacey

My heart skipped a beat, when I saw this. Kevin Spacey is back at the Old Vic, playing Clarence Darrow. I love Kevin Spacey and despite having lived around the corner from the Old Vic, in the past, I never managed to see him. This time isn’t going to be my lucky one either. Sadly it’s very sold out.


I loved this skirt and the yellow purse. Heart, heart!!

I quit

An interesting article on work and happiness. The post-it note made me laugh. Ever wanted to write a note like this? You bet, haha, but luckily not at the present job.

But stylist was not all I read. I smiled at the colours and the clever review of Love at First Stitch by Karen at Did you Make That. So much I liked it that I’m going to buy the book! Waterstones, you better not disappoint me.

Since I finished Margaret Atwood’s brilliant Maddaddam, last week, the time came to open the first pages of a new one. The lucky winner is Un Roman Français, which is actually in French and is bound to keep me company for a very long time. (slow reader) Till the next train…

Boating with the Mandy Boat Tee to the Isle of Wight

Easter weekend seems now ages away but it was so nice having some extra time off work! This weekend felt so short in comparison. We decided to go boating and visit the  Isle of Wight, which was a pleasant surprise. We set off early and joined the ferry queue at Portsmouth. That Coffee Costa was my saviour as I was in need of caffeine.

Isle of Wight waiting in the queue

We love our castles so this time it was Carisbrooke Castle in Newport, known for the place where King Charles I was imprisoned. Like with Bodiam Castle, the building was well-preserved and the views were amazing! The green fields seemed endless.

Isle of Wight

Carisbrooke Castle Isle of Wight

Isle of Wight

Isle of Wight

I really liked Princess Beatrice’s garden, which is apparently designed by Chris Beardshaw, who is apparently famous. Apologies for my ignorance :0 It was so elegant and simple, but also well organised, if you know what I mean. I felt compelled to do some silly.

Princess Beatrice Garden

Like jumping up and down. It was cold though, so that was imperative. And because we were on an island I thought it appropriate to wear my newly made Mandy Boat Tee.

Mandie Boat Tee

The Mandy Boat Tee, is a free pattern from Tessuti Fabrics. I’ve had it on my to-do list for a very long time and finally got round to completing it. I sewed it all on the overlocker and apart from it being a very easy make, it has become one of my favourite pieces in my wardrobe, the boxy style makes it a very comfortable piece of clothing.

Mandy Boat Tee

Yeah, I did it!!

Mandy Boat Tee

Pattern matching failure again, but I don’t mind that much

After the castle, we opted for some sea and the famous Needles. Despite being cold, we went up on the chair lift which granted us with some amazing views! The water looked so tempting.

Chairlift Needles Isle of Wight


Needles Isle of Wight

Back to our hotel, I took a couple more pictures of the Mandy Boat Tee, hanging on a hanger. It had made it through the day.

Mandy Boat Tee

Mandy Boat Tee

I broke my double needle in the process so I used the elastic stitch to finish the neckline

Our last day on the island was a bit rainy, no actually very rainy! But that didn’t stop us from exploring further.

The landscape was even more beautiful

The landscape was even more beautiful

One of my favourite things we saw was a miniature village, which would have looked much nicer under the sun. I felt like Gulliver and the Lilliputs.

Miniature village Isle of Wight

Miniature Village Isle of Wight

I was getting a bit hungry at that point

I was getting a bit hungry at that point

After all this rain it was imperative that I changed my clothes that were soaking wet, I also somehow shrank, no wonder with all that water.

Miniature Village Isle of Wight

How do you like my colour co-ordination?


Have a good week everyone!




Bodiam Castle and a slightly unfortunate make :)

The past couple of weeks have been super busy and stressful at work, which is why I have disappeared, not that anyone has missed me here, haha! Having spent days going through notes for meetings with publishers, looking at the computer any longer when back home was the last thing I wanted to do, the truth is that even if I wanted my eyes simply refused to stay open. Perhaps I should have tried taping them.


Admittedly Britain turns into a beautiful lady in spring, especially when the weather helps, as it was the case during the weekend.

Bodiam CastleBodiam Castle

Bodiam Castle Interior

Bodiam castle is a very well-preserved 14th century castle, situated in East Sussex. Although the interior is ruined, the medieval feeling is enhanced by the beautiful surroundings and the actors dressed in period clothing that walk around the castle, describing the life of the people who once inhabited it.

Bodiam Castle ViewBodiam Castle view

Bodiam Castle view

Bodiam Castle actor in period clothes

Since in the middle ages everything was handmade, I thought it appropriate to take advantage of the opportunity and take some pictures, of my not so medieval or perfect make.

Burda Style 3/2014

This blouse started as the dress based on the burda magazine pattern (issue 03/2014) Dress with Fluted Sleeves. As usual, I found it really hard tracing the patterns from the magazine, I get a headache just by looking at the various interweaving pieces of patterns on one sheet, so you can imagine how I feel, when I actually try to trace them. Argh!! In any case the problem with this one, is that I went straight to the fabric, without making a toile in advance, because you know, I’m lazy and impatient. The result was that my bum was suffocating in that dress and the invisible zipper on the side, well wasn’t invisible at all.

Burda Dress with Fluted Sleeves

Check out my polka dot shades!

Because I loved the polka dot and the sleeves, (I mean aren’t they adorable?) I couldn’t bring myself to throwing it away and was filled with a determination to turn the disaster into something wearable. Cutting the skirt of the dress, left me with a top that wasn’t exactly, in fact it looked as if I had run out of fabric, which I had, but not completely. To create the sort of peplum of the blouse, I turned to my recently favourite pattern The Bellatrix Blazer, by Papercut Patterns. Doesn’t it remind you of something? I cut the front bottom pieces of the blazer pattern and sewed them around the bottom of the blouse to give it a bit more length and I think it turned out pretty well!

Burda Fluted sleeves dress

My pattern matching is a bit off in the back and on the sleeve pleats, but that’s only a tiny problem, compared to the whole dress disaster.

Burda Style Dress with Fluted Sleeves

Except for the beautiful surroundings Bodiam Castle has also some permanent residents; beautiful ducks

Duck at Bodiam Castle

And some not so beautiful fish, this one was rather scary.

Bodiam Castle

Did you do or sew anything nice at the weekend?

Have a good week everyone!